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Here in Phoenix, Arizona we are in the midst of a gas crisis. One of the pipelines bringing gasoline into Phoenix shut down due to a leak. This resulted in a few stations running out of gas over the weekend. When motorists saw stations closed, they panicked and began topping off. By the end of the weekend, it was almost impossible to find a station with gas, and it appears that the problem will continue for some time. Actually, there is plenty of gas, it just keeps going into automobile tanks faster than the tanker trucks can supply the stations. I am not looking forward to finding gas tomorrow or Thursday.

Gas shortages are unusual in this land of plenty, but in the hobby community we are familiar with inventory shortages. During the pinewood derby season, it is not uncommon to visit a hobby shop and find that they are out of graphite, mandrels, kits, etc. In addition, the scout shops invariably run out of spare BSA wheels and axles. The demand hits so fast, and the resupply time is so long that it is extremely difficult to keep up. This type of shortage may not be as bad as a gas shortage, but I know that you feel it just the same.

Here at Maximum Velocity, we intend to stay ahead of the demand curve this season to ensure that our products are always available. The unforeseen may certainly happen, but to best of our ability we will have products available when you need them.
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