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I was at the dentist today and noticed an unusual pair of pliers. The pliers had a three-pronged end. I asked the dentist about them and he said that they were used for bending wires used with braces.

Immediately I remembered a conversion I had with a pinewood derby Dad a year or so ago. He was an orthodontist and told me that he used a pair of three-prong orthodontic pliers to slightly bend axles. (This is sometimes needed to make slight adjustments to the alignment of a car). He told me that the pliers were perfect as they allowed very fine adjustments. At the time I considered offering the pliers, but decided that the price would scare off most buyers.

Click Here for a Photo of the Pliers

But this event did cause me to ponder the fact that each profession or hobby has a unique set of specialty tools. Whether you work on Corvettes, brains, or R/C airplanes, you will eventually collect a number of tools to make the job or hobby more successful and enjoyable.

The same is true of pinewood derby cars. For years past, most every pinewood derby build used a wheel mandrel, and some used a few other specialty tools. But there was a significant step-change in this hobby last fall when we introduced a line of Pro-Tools for pinewood derby racing. With that event, a level of precision could be achieved by the average parent-child team which previously was only possible to people with access to a machine shop. Effective use of the Pro-Hub Tool, Pro-Axle Press, and Pro-Body Tool raises the level of performance of a pinewood derby car to a new level.

In just a few weeks, we will be adding to the Pro Tool line. To view these new tools, or any of the existing Pro Tools, please visit: Maximum Velocity
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