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Herbie - Neal & Aaron Jackson

My son Aaron always liked the Disney movies that starred "Herbie the
Love Bug". So, we decided to make his pinewood car into a "Herbie".
We even duplicated the #53 and stripe decals to match the original. The
car didn't win many races, but it sure looked good going down the track.
Best of all, we had a great time making it together and he proudly
displays it on a shelf in his room.

Blue Wedge - Brad Weber

My son Hunter wanted a blue car with a white star. The red exhaust
pipes are tungsten fishing weights and the body was a simple wedge.
Hunter won Pack and District in 2007. He also set the track speed
record for Districts! Thanks for all the info and tools that you provide.
They really work!

Sprint Car - Charles Baum

The idea for this car came from sprint cars that have high-mounted
wings. The body is quite thin in order to eliminate drag. I build the cars
as a hobby, as I am an adult and my son is now 23 years old. This car
has been the fastest in several unofficial family/adult Cub Scout pack
races that I've assisted with. I'm waiting for an adults-only race later this
spring to really see how it does.

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