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Police Cruiser - Richard Higgins

My son’s car features real working lights and was completely legal. I
took him down to our local police station where we dedicated it to the
chief of police before the big race day. The newspaper was there and he
had lots of fun with the car, which placed third.

Purple Tiger - Mike Allbritton

This is my son's pinewood derby entry, the car ran very well but didn't
win due to a fluke in the race timing. We are proud of how well the car
ran nonetheless.

The Buff - Kerry Bybee

The idea for this car came from my son's collection of hot wheels, and
the cars that have been in your newsletter. My son and I have won lots
of races. This year my wife asked me to build a car that looked very
cool, but wouldn't get first place (she says I'm too competitive). So to
please her I built this B-52 bomber, nicknamed the "Buff". Airmen that
flew the B-52 called her the Buff cause it was big like a buffalo. The car
is not too fast; it came in fourth in the pinewood derby last weekend.

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