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Wii - Dan Van Lieshout

Here's a picture of my son's car from our pack's Pinewood Derby last
week. He took First Place in his Bear den this year. Christopher is
becoming an old hand at car construction by doing more and more on
his car every year. He got his start at age four helping dad building and
racing cars in our pack's Open Class. He was up to his third car by the
time he was a Tiger. This year we didn't have a lot of time so we decided
to keep the shape simple, but still came up with a clever design. Thus,
he built the Wii. Aside from using the table saw and general machine
setups, Christopher did pretty much all the work on his car.

Red Dragon - David Keith

We just had our derby last Saturday, and we not only won first place but
set the track record. I love pinewood derbies! I'm 42 and still have the
cars my dad helped me with.

Fire Dragon - John & Jakob Harig

You probably remember me - I'm the guy who ordered from you this year
only to get notified of new rules a week later. Well, despite the rule
change, Jake won again! The margin of victory was much smaller, but
still the fastest car of the pack.

Under the aft canopy we hid two of your tungsten cylinders. We
installed a single tungsten plate on the bottom angled section. A hole in
the back included two more cylinders secured in place by tungsten
putty. The COG was aggressive, about 0.8 inch forward of the rear

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