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Big Wheel - John White

I pushed the design envelope this year; after two years of mulling over an
idea this is what I came up with. The two front wheels sit just off the
track and are there to keep the car going straight. The center wheel
rides down the middle of the track and works the kid's legs. My goal
was to make everyone at the race laugh. I wasn't sure what was going to
happen: would I qualify, would it make it down the track, run into another
car, or just plain fall apart? Well -- mission accomplished! He was just
a peddlin'. It wasn't fast by any means, but everyone enjoyed watching
it race. And it won "Funniest Car".

Awana Tractor - Doug Kile

I'm a leader with our local Awana program at Valley Community Church
in Salinas California. Since Salinas is the "Salad Capital" of the world,
you see many of these tractors in the fields around here.

Fast Talker - Frank Tonra

I made this car as the Pace Car for Pack 57 in Toms River. I found the
idea for this one online and could not resist making it. Someone else
came up with idea but it did not matter, they lined up to see the car and
laughed all afternoon. I sent the car to the Districts and got the same
result. What a joy to see their faces! It was well, worth the hours of

Editor's Note: This car is based on the "Fast Talker" design by T. Dean
White Creative.

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