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Camping Tent - Jack Long

Camping Tent was a car I made just for fun for the 2006 pinewood derby.
The tent is canvas, the poles are toothpicks, the feet are from a doll, and
the fire has a red light bulb that lights up.

Old #25 - Robert Mareches

I wanted to share my car with all the fine young racers. This car is
probably 40 years old. My Dad and I made this car together when I was
seven or eight years old. We didn't know anything about weights or
polished axles. With lots of guidance from Dad, I learned how to use a
wood rasp, file, and sandpaper. The big decision was what color to paint
it! He did find out that sanding the wheel diameter made it run smoother.
I thought that this would be the clincher for me to win the race. Well, our
car lost, but I still have fond memories of building a derby car with my
Dad. The memory means more to me than winning a race; my trophy is
this car. Good luck to all you fine young men in building your trophy

Ghost Rider - David & Davey Sides

My 9 year old son, Davey, is very proud of the car we built. He is very
enthusiastic about anything regarding Marvel Superheros and loves this
particular character. Next year, he wants to made a "Wolverine" car.

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