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Here are our families cars from the 2007 race. Not shown is the original prototype of the Velocinator, which was included in Volume 7, Issue 4).

Speeder - Stephen Davis

My youngest son, Stephen, has always liked the Speeder (I do too).
This is the second Speeder he has made (the first was in 2002). It was
quite fast, taking 3rd place, but not fast enough to catch his sister's 1st
Place car.

Detonator - Janel Davis

My youngest daughter built this Detonator. It was extremely fast, easily
taking first place.

Wedge SE - Elisa Davis

The extended wheelbase Wedge SE is weighted with tungsten, and is
equipped with Outlaw wheels. It was nosed into 2nd Place, behind an
extended wheelbase Bolt equipped with Outlaw wheels (built in our shop
by a friend).

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