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My Three Sons

As a Cubmaster with three boys in Cub Scouts, I didn't know anything
about pinewood derby racing when I first started. But I always believed in
my sons doing as much work as they safely could. They would do about
ninety percent of the work with me by their side helping them, or they
watching what I was doing. I always believed in the "Do your Best"
motto. More importantly was that they were happy with the way the car
looked. I would suggest that they do a little more sanding, or touch up
the paint, but only if they wanted to do it.

The best my oldest son did was about 10th place. I learned how to build
fast cars with him.

My middle son came in first place two years in a row. At the end of the
race he was hearing some comments from his buddies like, "I bet next
year he'll win again". So when the next year came, I suggested we do
something different and not worry about speed. He agreed. So when the
next race came we made a great looking hot dog on a bun. Talk about
NOT being stream lined. Well, he came in fourth place in the race and
won "Best of Show".

Now my youngest son, who is a Webelos 1, knows what he wants. He
wants low, slick, and fast; and he has come in first or second place
every year. But, the best thing is that we have fun together and learn
from each other.

Bill Whittaker

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