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Chilly Willy - Rob & Blake Overton

Attached is a picture of my son, Blake's ice cream sandwich car which
he named "Chilly Willy". It won crowd favorite and took 3rd place in
speed. We had to take the photo from the right side to see the bite
(which is actually from Blake). He bit into a piece of foam and we
traced it to the wood.

Photo Finish - Gary Kranston

This car competed in my daughter's Indian Guide Pinewood Derby last
year. Since my daughter is getting older and she likely won't do this
many more times, I wanted to create a special keepsake for her. I used
clear acetate, and applied a decal I created to look like a filmstrip with
some special pictures of our camping adventures together. Also, I used
some small watch batteries to power a flashing yellow LED light at the
front of the car and two white LED lights beneath the filmstrip. Not only
was the car fun to look at, we raced it with outlaw wheels and won!

Flex Car - Tom Bybee

I compete in the open class in our pack which was designed mainly
for adults and has very few restrictions. However, there is still a
restriction of no external springs. Since we use an older wooden track
that is pretty rough in places, cars lose a lot of energy because the
entire weight of the car has to go over every bump. This year I tried a flex
design. By doing some clever cutting and a lot of sanding, the car has
four-wheel independent suspension -- each wheel can flex and move
more than 1/4 inch. With this design I was able to move the weight
further back on the car (the wide area at the back is filled with lead)
without fear that it would "pop a wheelie". It also absorbed track bumps
without losing much energy. Although from the picture it may look
fragile, it is actually quite strong and won every race by well over a car

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