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iPhone - Hope Wallace

I know most of your cars are made by boys, but this was my car at our
Girl Scout Troop's first Powder Puff Derby. Although I raced at another
troop's Powder Puff derby five years ago, it was a lot more fun having our
very own. I worked on the faceplate design, and my Dad taught me how
to cut the block, polish the axles, and place the weights. Thanks to
your tungsten weights, slim designs like this are possible ... and pretty.

Silver Dollar - Bryan Solby

This car was a prototype and never actually raced. It was an idea we
came up with and wanted to see if it was doable. The "S" body is made
of 3/4 inch pine, cut on a band saw. The rods are 1/4 inch steel,
approximately 7 inches long. The car, wheels, axles, and rods weigh
just under 5 ounces. Originally it was painted green -- because dollars
are green -- but later was repainted sliver and named the "Silver Dollar."

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