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Today's showcase cars are from Chad Thorvilson.

I have been involved in the Cub Scouts since my son, Ryan, first started
in 2000. The second year of the pinewood derby I made a new four lane
Formica track for the pack. He is now in Boy Scouts, and he and I still
help run the track. We have always enjoyed making cars and other
projects in the shop. We no longer race, but we still make cars every
year. The last few years I have been making trick cars.

This white and red car has a trigger on the bottom that releases the
sides and roof. A small wedge is put on the track and when the car
crosses it the sides and roof pop off.

The light blue speckled car leaves the cab behind as the tires and frame
go down the track.

This blue car has a piece of radio antenna that I pull out to hold the
competition back.

The red and blue car has a nose attached to a radio antenna. I pull
out the nose and tell the boys that I will beat them by this much.

I also have a car with a small motor geared to the tire to make it run very
slow (not shown).

Here is my fan powered car and string/motor car.

We have also made some nice cars. We were finalists in the
Lowes/Dremel contest one year and grand prize winners the last year
they had the contest.

We look forward every year to the pinewood derby and working in the
shop together. I get excited when the first Pinewood Derby Times arrives
in my inbox.

Read More at: Pinewood Derby Times Volume 8, Issue 7

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