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Magic Car?

Our local church race was interesting this year -- for me anyway. I
usually try to build a nice car, but since I started hosting the event I
haven't been very careful to make it fast so that someone else can win.
This year I was so rushed I didn't even sand my car -- only rough cut.
About a half hour before I had to go to the race, I cut the tab off the
Awana wheels, sanded around the edges to make sure they were
smooth, and placed several drops of NyOil II on each axle (contrary to
instructions). I then installed the axles in the original holes, made sure
they had some side clearance (but I didn't measure it), and added
weights (not too accurately). The car weighed in light at 4.7 ounces.

So, what a surprise it was to see my car running first! Not only was it
faster than the stock cars I raced, but it was faster than the times
posted by the modified cars. I saw the car fishtail on a couple of races,
so I can only imagine what the car could have done with tighter
tolerances and more weight. Luck? Hmmm.

NC Awana State Grand Prix Open Coordinator

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