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When Nathan (name changed) came to us two years ago (second grade
then), he would not talk to us much, and when he did he kept his head
down and wouldn't look up to speak to us. He hadn't experienced love
from his parents; basically they have checked out. His self confidence
and self-esteem were very low and he had a lot of pent-up anger and
frustration. Nathan lives with his Grandparents, and his Grandmother
sees to it that he gets to attend the weekly Ranger meetings. We have
continually prayed, and worked with Nathan to obtain any change.

This past race season, Nathan designed a car and painted it with some
help. I was thrilled to see him receive trophies (1st Place) for the design
and speed of his police car at our sectional pinewood derby race. In fact
all of the Ranger Commanders were excited for him and his win. He had
a big smile on his face and I did too!

Lately he talks to me and the other commanders quite a lot, and he is
coming out of his shell a little at a time as he learns to trust us.
Recently, Nathan told his Grandma that what she needed was some
hugs. It seems that he was being disobedient and didn't want to follow
her direction, so he tried to side track her with that comment. She was
laughing when she told me about this, saying that we had been the
reason for him to think about having and giving a hug.

Paul R. Mark, Senior Commander, Outpost #348

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