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The Hive - Scott Morrill

We held a derby as the main event at our family reunion this past
summer. My grandfather was a beekeeper, so in his honor I created
"The Hive". The hive itself is an empty shell of balsa which also hides
the tungsten weight. The bees were individually created with beads and
wire to form the wings and stingers.

Wayne - Bob Kirmis

I am not a scout but rather a mid-forties guy who is part of an annual
pinewood derby race at my place of employment. This "car" is a City of
Fargo, North Dakota "Wayne" street sweeper. As you can probably
guess, I am from Fargo. The guy driving the street sweeper is my dad
(who is coincidentally named Wayne).

The two back wheels are glued together to create one wide wheel. The
car is elevated about a quarter inch so that it would fit on our track. As
you can guess, the car didn't do real well in the speed category.

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