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Modified Detonator - John Cerrone

This car was one my son and I built, slightly modifying the Detonator
design. The only rules for this particular derby were to use the wheels
and block supplied with the BSA kit and not exceed five ounces. So we
extended the wheel base and rear weighted with tungsten to achieve a
COG at 3/4 inch. We cut down and used a dome to cover the rear
cylinder weights, and molded the sides and rear of the car to conform to
the outside edges of the dome. We painted the inside of the dome black
and then used epoxy to fill in the gaps between the dome and the car
body, then finishing it with a fine pin stripping around the dome. The car
took first in class, second overall in the pack race, and took first in class
at districts. We also received the Best and Fastest looking car awards
at both the Pack and District event.

Iwo Jima - Scott Morrill

My son enjoyed helping with this car which was created for an adult
race. We used Tannin's army men, and cut the bases off the feet then
used heat to allow us to bend their legs and arms. The rocks are
Styrofoam, and the large rock which holds the base of the flag pole hides
the weight. The flag is a miniature fabric flag that was starched to hold
the shape. Due to the height, the flag was just for display and not in
place during the race.

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