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WALL-E Tandem- Kaz Terada

To build the WALL-E tandem car, I used a standard size pine wood
block and cut it into two cubes. I kept the original axle slots for mounting
the wheels, and attached parts from a toy caterpillar with 1-1/4" wheel
cut-outs (made with poplar). Most of the other parts (head, neck and
arms) were made of poplar. After completing the two identical WALL-E's,
I connected them with two dowels. Some weight was added to the back
and bottom of each Wall-e. Since the two parts were connected
together, there was an alignment problem so it wasn't very fast. But it
was a fun project!

Batmobile - Andy Holzer

Last summer Noah (my son) and I went to the MotorBooks car show, in
Osceola Wisconsin. At the car show there was a replica of the
Batmobile. While we were discussing the Batmobile he asked if it was
possible to build a Batmobile for his pinewood car for next year. I love
when he comes up with these ideas on his own so of course I said yes
(not even thinking how hard it would be to create the Batmobile in pine).

The windshield is made from the top of a 500ml (16.5 fl. oz.) Aquafina
bottle. The plastic is recessed into the body, via a knife cut line and
attached with a small amount of glue.

During the racing I did not have a lot of time to view the races, but this
year there was a lot of fast cars. When it came time for the awards
Noah received 3rd place (technically 2nd for Webelos 1, as all Webelos
raced together-10 racers total). This was the first year our pack gave out
design awards (picked by all of the race spectators), and Noah received
two - Coolest Looking Car & Best Painted and/or Decorated Car.

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