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Life is Good!

Yesterday was Derby Day for our Pack here in St. Louis, Missouri. My
son, Max, is a Webelos II and this was his last derby. Last year we had
the pleasure of coming in First Place in the Webelos I race and winning
First Place Overall in the Pack Finals. We have used your products for
the last four years counting this year.

This year was a little different. We have a Webelos II scout who lost his
father a little over two years ago to cancer. He's a quiet young man, but
nice as can be. The last two years his uncle, and then another father,
helped him with his cars. They were much more into design than speed
and he finished well back in the pack so to speak. Sometime after my
son won the derby last year, I asked Max if he would mind if we helped
Eric build a car this year. I told him there was no assurance that I could
guarantee which car would be faster and he might not do as well. I
waited for his answer and it was more than I had hoped when he said,
"It's OK dad, we won this year and maybe Eric will win next year. Let's
do it!" Several months later we asked Eric and his mother if he would
like our help, and he and his mother consented to this. Two other
fathers offered also to help him, not to suggest this was any grand
gesture on my part -- although, I thought it was pretty special on my
son's part.

Well, I helped the boys build two cars using the Maximum Velocity tools
and parts we've acquired. We shaped the standard BSA block. When
they were complete, other than the full body decals and the numbers on
the cars, you really couldn't tell them apart. We don't have the
opportunity to run the cars in advance in our pack, so we had no idea
how they would perform.

Well, Max won 2nd Place in the Webelos II Division and 2nd Place in the
Overall Pack. There were 57 cars in the Pack races and 13 in the
Webelos II Division.

Now about Eric ...

It was almost like watching a made for TV movie during the racing as
Eric never lost a race and came in 1st Place in the Webelos II Division,
and 1st Place in the Overall Pack. He was one excited and happy
young man. His mother told us later that when he climbed into the van
to head home with his trophies, he closed the door and he yelled at the
top of his lungs, "Life is Good!"

So to all you fathers out there, build them fast with Maximum Velocity
parts and tools, but take time to share your knowledge. I believe my son
has discovered the true meaning of being a Cub Scout and I hope your
sons do also.

Mark G. Bredenkoetter

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