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Sons of Engineers

My son just entered his first pinewood derby. At the night of the weigh-
in, I overheard one of the leaders talking with another parent as they
were looking at a car submitted by another scout. The leader was
saying to the parent that the car was from the same boy who had won
the previous two years, and that his father is an engineer. After leaving I
told my wife about the conversation I overheard. We both got a good
laugh because I am an engineer as well.

On the day of the race my son ended up winning the overall
championship. After the race, I wet up to the leader and laughingly told
him that I had overheard the conversation at the weigh-in, and that I too
was an engineer. He laughingly responded with, "Son's of engineers
have an unfair advantage".

Steven Ward

Editor's Note: Son's of engineers don't have an unfair advantage. The
boys in this story were just fortunate enough to have a dad that was
willing to work with them and apply the principles that are readily
available on the Internet.

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