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Viper - Spencer Mortimer

This car was made mostly with a Dremel Tool. It takes a little patience
to make sure you're not cutting through so fast that you actually cut
where you don't intend. After shaping, the car was ready for a good
thorough sanding and a paint job. First I applied a deep blue base coat
and then a second lighter silver coat, taping off the areas I wanted to
remain blue. The really unique thing about this car's paint job is the
scales. I used a woman's fish net stocking which had to be stretched
and fastened using sewing pins. After applying a yellow coat I removed
the fish net stocking. I then blended the blue and the scales together
with a fine tip hobby paint brush. Once that was done a couple
applications of clear coat and the paint was finished.

Toyota 84c Endurance Racer - Ryan Johnson

This car is a replica of the Toms 84c endurance racer. It has not raced,
but was built for show and fun. I hope to work on getting it fast for future
races. But really, when this car is sitting still it looks like it is going

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