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Bi-Plane - Doug Kile

Last year I sent in a picture a picture of my John Deere Tractor. This
Bi-Plane is what I made for this year. It legal to run with the wings

Model T - Gary Trousdale

My son's pack has a siblings and parents category, so I decided to
enter. As far as what design I would use, I had about 100 ideas flying
around in my head. The Model T came about mostly because I knew no one
else would do it, and I'm fairly sure I've never seen one before.

I downloaded a lot of pictures of old Model T cars and trucks and
settled on the touring car design. The body is still the original wood
block from the BSA kit, just cut up and re-arranged a bit. The running
boards are brass strips from a hobby store, likewise the grill,
mounted in foam core. The headlights, taillights and compression tank
were from a jewelry and craft store. The brass front bumper had to
come off due to weight. The canopy is paper, measured, cut, folded and
painted over a wooden frame (again, the metal was too heavy). The
seats are foam rubber with lacquered and painted tissue paper seat
covers. The gear shift levers, horn, and windshield were fabricated
pretty much from wire, Sculpey, sheet styrene and paint.

The car ran pretty slow, despite my grinding and polishing the axles.
I don't think it was a question of air resistance as much as the
wheels themselves were out of balance -- I put hub spokes made of
painted toothpicks on them. Oh well, it looked really cool.

Valentine C-A-R - Galen Jordan

This car was made as a Valentine C-A-R (not card) for my wife since
our race was on February 14. we originally did not intend to race it.
but, we caved to peer pressure and let my daughter race it in the 11
and under open class without any preparation other than graphite. It
took second place. It was a great day of racing for the whole family.

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