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iPod Jeep - Jeff Jouett

This was my oldest son Jack's final Pinewood Derby and he wanted
something different. The result is the red car. It did play, though
not loud enough unless you were right next to it.

Darth Vader - Dan Blythe

Attached is our Darth Vader car my seven year old and I created. I
have experimented over the years with paint and making my own decals
using pictures off of the Internet, magazines, etc. I give them some
special backgrounds and highlights on the computer and then print them
on adhesive backed label paper.

The boys pick out the theme, help with the painting, and pick from a
variety of decals and where they want them placed on the car. I put it
all together with them and teach them some speed tricks along the way.

Music on Wheels - Bruce Edney

My eight year old granddaughter inspired me when she asked me to make
a "guitar" pinewood derby car. She sketched a concept and I designed
the car based on my old Martin Ukulele that I had on my shelf since
high school. The car's Ukulele is a one-third scale model using
Myrtlewood and Purpleheart. The strings are monofilament fish leader.
The frets and tuning knobs are brass rod. I finished off the design
with piano music copied from a music book and glued to the car body.
She named the car, appropriately, "Music on Wheels". The car won first
place in the "Show" class at WIRL in November 2008.

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