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Outlaw Race is a Winner

At last year's derby we had so many families hanging out after the
race having a good time that we thought next year we'd add an "Outlaw
Race" open to anyone. The only rules were that the car had to fit on
the track, not damage it, and not interfere with any other racer.

We had a great turnout with all kinds of outlaw cars. We had brother
racing sister, parents vs. kids, grandparents vs. grandkids, and
Cubmaster vs. everyone! Everyone was very pleased with all the
competition and are anxiously waiting for next year’s race.

I entered my car, the 10 ounce "Dragonator". The car beat other cars
that weighed 2 pounds or more!! And after all the years of helping my
own son build cars, this was the first time we'd won anything.
Needless to say my boy was a bit jealous of my Outlaw trophy which is
proudly displayed in my gameroom.

For next year's Outlaw race the gauntlet has been laid down and
challenges made from all.

Thanks for putting on a great site with good information.

Rick Wold
Pack 457, Covina, California

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