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The Best Pinewood Derby Rule

Although you can get away with using a cheap plastic ruler for an
occasional pinewood derby car, having a nice, accurate rule (not
ruler) is a must for any serious craftsman. But like any tool, there
is a large variety of rules available on the market. Today, I want to
share with you my favorite rule. In my opinion, this rule is a must
have for pinewood derby enthusiasts.

The rule I am referring to is the Incra Six Inch Precision Bend Rule.
Although this rule wasn't specifically designed for pinewood derby
use, I have to believe that the designer was a pinewood derby parent.

Photo 1 - Incra Six Inch Bend Rule

The obvious feature of the Incra Bend Rule is the shape. The rule is
specifically designed to fit over the edge of a block or board in
order to make precise measurement with ease. The rule is marked in
1/32 inch increments, and at each increment is a hole and a slot that
allows insertion of a 5mm pencil (standard mechanical pencil size).
These holes and slots eliminate the inaccuracy that comes with trying
to make a pencil mark along the side of a regular ruler.

Photo 2 - Making a Measurement

This feature in itself makes this a nice tool, but there's more. On
one end of the Incra Bend Rule you will find measurements that are
perpendicular to the rule. These are used to mark offsets from the
edge of a block. For pinewood derby cars, the obvious use is marking
axle locations, weight hole positions, car thickness, etc.

Photo 3 - Marking a 1/8 inch Offset for Axle Holes

But this offset measurement feature is not just to make a tiny dot,
but it can also be used for drawing horizontal lines. Just insert the
pencil at the desired location, and slide the rule along the edge of
the block. Sweet!

Photo 4 - Drawing a Horizontal Line

Now the "pièce de résistance". Do you want to locate the center of
your block? One half of the Incra Bend Rule is 3/4 inch wide, while
the other is 7/8 inch wide. 7/8 inch is a familiar number - it is
one-half of the width of a standard block. So to find the center of a
block, lay the rule with the wide portion on the top or bottom of the
block, and strike a line. Since blocks are not consistent, put the
rule on the other side, and draw another line. "Voilà!" The center of
the block will be between the two lines (or coincident with the two
lines if the block is exactly 1-3/4 inches wide).

Photos 5 & 6 - Finding the Center of the Block

I am confident that you will enjoy this rule as much as I do. This
rule is available at some specialty wood stores, but to save you the
trouble of tracking one down, Maximum Velocity is now offering the
Incra 6 inch Precision Bend Rule. You can find it on our
Web Site.

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