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== New Pinewood Derby Products from Maximum Velocity! ==
The summer is now behind us and pinewood derby season is
beginning. We have been very busy over the summer
developing new products and upgrading our web site with a
new shopping cart. You can see all of our new products by
clicking on this link:

Here are a few highlights:

Incremental Tungsten Cylinders - A simple way to adjust
weight, the incremental cylinders include 1/8, 1/4, and 1/2
oz cylinders.

Small Tungsten Canopy - Our larger tungsten canopy has been so popular that we are introducing a smaller version (2-1/2 oz) to provide more flexibility.

Tundra Tungsten Composite - Exclusive to Maximum Velocity, this tungsten composite is the same density as lead but at a lower cost than tungsten. It can easily be cut, drilled, and sanded.

Polishing Products - At the request of my of our customers, we are now offering axle polishing paste and spare pipe cleaners.

Vaccinator Car Kit - A new car kit that will get the attention
of the crowd, but is also extremely fast.

Derby Stop - This car staging platform will keep your cars organized and safe, but won't break the budget.

We have several other new products as well including:
o Needle Axle X-Lite Outlaw Wheels,
o Black Window Material, and
o Car Kit Bundles (body, wheels, axles, weight,
and graphite.

You can see all of our new products at:

== A Gift For You ==
To thank you for your continued patronage, we have some specials just
for you. This includes a free set of pipe cleaners with each order.
Click here to find out more:

== Inventory Clearance ==
We also are clearing inventory on several items including car kits and
car plan booklets. Click here to find our clearance items:

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