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Dune Buggy - Scott Wheeler

The Cubs in my Pack always like to give me ideas for the next year's
"Pace Car" and this was one they gave. It was made after an actual
dune buggy that a Cub's father had in his garage. I used a wire
clothes hanger and a derby kit to create the car. It ran very fast
but was a little tail heavy.

Dragonfire - Richard House

This was our first Pinewood Derby car ever. The car body,
accessories, and press-on decals were easy, but the car was pretty
fast too, having the 5th fastest combined times in our competitive
Pack and won 1st in the Tigers race. The engine/muffler on the back
was originally designed as underside weights, but worked nicely to
place COG toward the back at 1 1/2 inches from the rear axle. We
learned a lot of things to make our next car even better and faster.

Remote Chance - Dick Roussin

This year my grandson Dylan and I decided to sacrifice a little speed
for creativity. We found an old DirecTV remote control which was
exactly the right width and attached it to the official BSA block.
Aerodynamics and center of gravity weren't ideal, but the car placed
first in Den and first overall (~50 cars). This was our fourth
consecutive year winning the overall title. As in all of the past
years, we used Maximum Velocity Max-V-Lube and tungsten cylinders to
good advantage.

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