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Red Snake - Steve Truver

This car was built by my grandson, Nathan and me in 2008. It took
first place for speed in his pack, and placed in the top five in the

Mater - Jeff Trush

This car was my son, Nicholas' idea. It actually won first in his den
(it was a lot faster than I expected). While it was not quite as
aerodynamically competitive in the overall pack derby (over 80 cars)
he did end up winning the "Best Overall Car" trophy, and the kids
loved watching Mater run down the track -- it was quite funny to watch
to say the least.

I am a big fan of details, and we tried to stay pretty true to Mater
from the movies. We used Play-Doh for the top lights, teeth, and
headlight. The Play-Doh was swabbed with super glue to firm it up.
We also used several Dremel Tool sanding drums and grinder wheels for
the air cleaner and the rollers for his tow hook. The structure in
the rear is just pieces of cardboard painted and glued together. For
the faded paint effect, we dabbed the colors with a paper towel.It was
great fun building it together, and we hope you enjoy it.

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