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New Track Record

Three years ago, after using your web site, downloads, etc., my son
Jackson and I were able to slap together a car for him. The night
before the race during the final prep, Jackson broke the wood trying
to get the axle in. But we got it done.

Since it was my first year as a Pinewood Dad, another Dad invited me
over to the local "Guru's" house to weigh the cars. Well immediately
upon arrival, they pointed to Jackson's car, and said, laughing
hysterically, "That's his car?"

Fast forward to race night. Jackson's first race. "New Track Record"

Funny thing, the Guru had told me the night before the only thing his
son had never done was set a Track Record.

In the end, Jackson won the Pack race, and got to go on to the
district race to represent our Pack.

Michael Onieal

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