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These three cars were made by Jim Brovont. Do you see the theme?


This was the first car we ever built together. He was a Tiger scout
and we were told that the upturned nose would get it disqualified at
the race as being designed to give unfair advantage at the start gate.
So we ditched the surfboard and designed Flash.


Flash went on to take first in his den, and 4th in the pack. The rear
axle pod was hollowed out and filled with lead prior to painting.

Luke Skywalker

My son Talon is a huge Star Wars fan so the following year we built
Luke riding a speeder bike. It was built with front wheel suspension,
the nose fairing has a cross piece at the height of the original block
belly for a "fair" start and to catch the timer sensor. Our track has
a very fast spring loaded start gate so raised noses are really an
insignificant advantage in my opinion. This car was 2nd in the Wolf
den and made a good showing of itself at the District race as well.

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