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Twins - Bruce Larson

Caden Larson won his pack championship with the green car. He used
your Pro-Axle Guide and Axle Polishing Kit. Caden's car went on to
place in the top 3 at districts. That qualified him to race in the
council Wolf race at the Mall of America where he finished 14th. The
orange car won the pack's parent and sibling race (avenging my loss to
a little girl from the year before).

Sharkboy - Jeff Heath

Here is my son's Bear entry for the Pinewood Derby. We have been
using this design for a couple of years. He cuts, sands, and paints
the car. The dome on the back is a lead fishing weight that we beat
into submission with a hammer. We then created a design on the
computer, printed it, cut it out and glued it to the top of the car.
It was first at pack, second at District, and second at Council for
speed. We had a great time thanks for all the great tips!

Silver Fork - Rick Ellis

My nine year old daughter ran this car in the Awana Truth and Training
division. She designed it, painted it, and did the axle and wheel
work. I helped with the layout and did the power tool work I didn't
think was safe for her to do. It took first place for speed and
received the award for best workmanship in her division. It came in
fourth in the Speed Finale where they race the winners of each
division against each other.

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