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Black Widow - Ashton Walden

This car belongs to my son Ashton, and was raced when he was a Tiger.
He placed first in his class and went on to win Grand Champion. He
also participated in the district race, placing third in his class. We
are very proud of all his efforts.

TuSpek - Dave Amstutz

This is my latest car, TuSpek. It will be running in the new
"Spec/Tuner Division" at PWDRacing.com in 2011. A minimal amount of
modification is allowed, including sanding. The purpose of the
division is for everyone to use the same specs and to "tune" the car
to the best of their ability. It should provide for some really close

The Bee - Tommy Grassia

This car is owned by my grandson Tommy. The car came in first place
in his competition.

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