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Some pinewood derby cars that aren't cars.

Little Red Wagon - Jeremy Isaac

This was my daughter's car for the AWANA Grand Prix this past year.
It placed 3rd in Speed and 1st in Novelty.

Liebherr LTM 1095 5.1 Mobile Crane - Robert Knapp

As a scout leader I like to show the boys what is possible with a
block of wood. I got my inspiration for this year's car when I passed
one of these driving on the interstate. The boys loved it! I could not
count the times I heard the word cool!

Banana Mobile - Christine DuVal

This is the "Banana Mobile" that I made for the leaders race at our
Awana Grand Prix earlier this month (January 2011). I made it for
fun, not for speed, but I was pleasantly surprised at how well it did!
It beat pretty much all other cars except for a few wedges that were
definitely built for speed. And to answer the question I know you are
dying to ask... No, I did not have help from my husband, I did it all
myself :-)

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