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The Plymouth Superbird

What started out as a block of wood turned into a huge tradition.
When I was in first grade my family decided to have me join Cub
Scouts. I liked it, but I really started to enjoy it when we were
able to make Pinewood Derby cars. The Pinewood Derby is a race of
model cars made out of a block of pinewood. My dad and I decided to
create a car that was fast, but also looked good. My dad and I each
drew up our own plans to make a car we both thought would win. We
combined them together to make what we thought, was the perfect plan.
Now the real work of building this car began.

We went down to my dad's shop with the block of wood and our huge
plan. First we drew out the plans and decided to make a Plymouth
Superbird, which is one of the fastest race cars ever. Once we
started to cut and sand the piece of wood, we could see it begin to
come to life. The Metallic Fleck Blue paint transformed this piece of
wood, into a model car. The only thing left was to put in the fine
details to make it look like a real racing car. My dad made sponsor
decals and I arranged them on the car. We painted the number "01" on
the side and hood of the car. The trickiest part was to put the decal
windows on the model. Big decals are harder to place, since they like
to roll up. I was happy this part went well. Now it was off to the

The day of the race finally came. Once I saw all of the other racers
and their cars, I thought I would get last place! I was one of the
first four racers to the starting line. I didn't know who would win
this round. To my surprise, I won that round. It felt so cool and I
was so proud my car was so fast. The next round came and I won that
one too. The races kept going until lunch time and we had to take a
break. It was hard to wait to race my car again. There was another
ten rounds, before I got to race again. The next two races, I placed
second. When the races were complete, I won second place and was able
to get my first trophy. The best part was being able to go on to the
district races.

Two months later I attended the district race at the Mall of
America. There were more than 200 cars racing. My car was not fast
enough to win, but I was proud of how excellent I did. It was nice to
have the pleasure of knowing, I actually made it to the district
races. Good news did come my way when I found out this was a yearly
event. This is how the Pinewood Derby tradition started in our
family. My dad and I still build cars for fun, even though I am too
old to race them as a Cub Scout.

Noah Holzer

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