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Some great looking models of real (or almost real) vehicles.

Mini Cooper - Leon Dixon

Our Mini Cooper club runs our own "pinewood-derby-type" race. We have
been using your MV Car Kits for four years now. Our event has expanded
so much we almost don't know what to do with it! You can read a bit
about it at:
(There's a typo on that page, this is actually our 4th time running
the event).

Jeff Gordon Stock Car - Tim & Elisabeth Stephens

We had a great time working on this car. We like Jeff Gordon and when
we saw your idea for making one, we jumped on it. Speed axles and
wheels came from Maximum Velocity. I used your tips to dress it out in
decals from a model kit I purchased online. Some automotive pin
striping on the window decals you supplied really added detail to the
finished project. Elisabeth won all her heat races, and when they put
all age level winners together, including the adult winner, she beat
them all. Whoo, hoo - great fun for all! Thanks for all your advice
and products.

School Bus - Nathan & Brenden Paul

This is my son's Pinewood Derby School Bus. While it was not the
fastest (finished 6th out of 24), it did take home the trophy for the
"Best School Themed Car".

Sideswipe - David Bodoh

In the movie Transformers 2 there is a Corvette Stingray named
"Sideswipe". I challenged myself to turn it into a derby car (just
the car, not the robot). It took 3 attempts, but ultimately it
required cutting the main block into seven pieces to be shaped
separately, and then reassembled (roof, hood scoop, four fenders and
the body). There's even four exhaust pipes in the back. We raced it
in the family event at our pack's pinewood derby, and it posted the
second fastest run of the whole day. Speed and design - just like the
real car.

From Pinewood Derby Times Volume 10, Issue 13

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