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2011 Great Race a Success

The 2011 Great Race was held on April 15, and it came (mostly) without a hitch. There were 61 pinewood derby cars in 4 categories.

This was the first year that we used the new MV wheels. I was amazed that not only did all of the cars reach the finish line, but the difference in speed between the fastest and slowest cars was noticeably less than when we used PineCar wheels. The MV wheels are very accurate and light weight. So even with minimal preparation they perform quite well.

Two-Wheeled Entry

This year, I entered a 2-wheeled car in the outlaw category. It was clearly the third fastest car (slightly slower than two other cars which ran on needle axle outlaw wheels). The car did well until the second to last heat when the front bar broke off. So, on the last run the car didn't trigger the finish line, and ended up in fourth place. The fastest car was a car I had made as a model several years ago. It was ran by our pastor's wife. It really smoked!

Winning Car

I believe everyone had a great time, and I look forward to next year's race.

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