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Up In Flames!

We were building four cars for the upcoming derby race. It was the weekend
before the race, and the cars were finally painted. For some reason the
yellow paint on one of the cars just didn't seem to be drying.

A dim light bulb suddenly switched on inside my head - I could use the
microwave to dry the car! Quickly I put the car on a paper plate, stuck it
in the microwave, and turned it on. I left the room for a few moments, and
then all of a sudden I heard a scream coming from the kitchen. I quickly
rushed back in and found the car in flames, with the owner (my lady friend's
13 year old) screaming in horror! I quickly shut off the microwave and
removed the car. It was rather warm to the touch, the paint was burnt and
slightly bubbled, and the 13 year old was crying, (not to mention the stench
which remained in the house for a week). With a lot of sanding, repainting,
and consoling, we managed to get the car completed on time.

On race day all of the trouble was justified. The car won 1st place for
speed in its division and took 2nd place in the design category.

I don't think we will quickly forget the 'flaming car', and will certainly
leave the microwave out of our car building process in the future.

Duane Hittle
Capac, Michigan

From Pinewood Derby Times Volume 1, Issue 10

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