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The Thirty-Minute Car

Two years ago we held a pinewood derby workshop as we do every year on the
eve of our race. A boy named Chris came in with his car kit untouched. So
we helped him cut out the design he wanted. He then took about ten or
fifteen swipes across his newly formed car with sandpaper, and added some
stickers. We helped add weight, install the wheels and axles, and lube the
car. In all, he spent about 30 minutes on the car (in contrast, my two sons
and I had about 15 hours in our cars).

The next day at the derby we all watched in complete astonishment as his car
raced down the track. It was very fast and was beating almost every car it
raced! When the dust finally settled he came in fourth place and was sent
on to the district derby.

For that one young boy it was all he needed to feel like he was the greatest
pinewood derby racer. Seeing the look on his face when he was handed the
4th place trophy, and his ear-to-ear smile was more than enough for me to
want to help as many boys as possible in the years to come.

John Henderson
Garrett, Indiana

From Pinewood Derby Times Volume 1, Issue 15

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