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Plain Old Luck?

After a cancellation due to snow in January our Derby race was moved to
February 17. This gave all of the participants an additional 4 weeks to
finish and fine-tune their cars. But as usual, there was those who waited
until the last minute. During the weigh-in, about half the Pack was trying
to zero in on five ounces by adding and removing weight. This caused a delay
of 30 minutes, pushing the start time to 3:30.

At about 2:45, one of our Webelos and his mother came to the registration
table and asked, "Mr Frank, can you help?" It seems he had lost his BSA
wheels and axles and his mother had purchased a hobby store kit to replace
them. Needless to say, they wouldn't fit the slots on his car. After some
searching in a spare parts box, we found wheels and axles for him to use.
One of our Bear leaders, took the problem from there and helped him attach
the wheels and add the weight (which was still in the store packaging).

How did his car do? "Not well," you might think since there was no axle or
wheel preparation or alignment. WRONG !!! The car went on to place 2nd out
of ten cars in the Webelos den and 3rd overall in the Pack, barely edging
out some very well prepared cars and blowing away the lesser prepared ones!

The moral of this story: While planning and preparation are keys to victory,
sometimes plain old luck still prevails!

Frank Hannabass, Cubmaster Pack 1776
Waldorf, Maryland

From Pinewood Derby Times Volume 2, Issue 2

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