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Space Buggy & Flash of Night - Jim White

My grandson (Aaron Shain) and I built these two cars for his 2011
racing campaign. I hope Aaron's hard work pays-off at the finish line.

American Flag & Ben 10 - Scott Moran

My oldest boy (Shane - 11 years old) designed the American Flag car.
My youngest boy (Matthew - 8 years old) designed the Ben 10 car.
Shane took 1st and Matthew took 2nd in their pack. The boys cut their
cars, sanded the body, applied the wood putty, and primed and painted
the cars with my airbrush equipment (the high shine comes from using
PPG Deltron basecoat clearcoat). I could go on and on about the paint
jobs because they did an awesome job. I have been custom painting and
airbrushing for 25 years and my wife and I taught the kids to write
their names with an airbrush.

Midnight - Lee Klinghoffer

This is my first foray into Pinewood Derby car-building since I was 11
-- now I'm 48. I entered this in my son's pack race in the "Open"
category. It weighed in at 16.1 ounces! Everything else is stock
except for the homemade speed axles. I cut 2 v-shaped grooves in them
and polished to a high sheen. The car took 1st Place and a new track

From Pinewood Derby Times Volume 11, Issue 2. A car showcase is a regular feature of the newsletter.

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