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Here in Arizona fall is finally in the air, and it is time for pinewood derby racing. Just in time for the season, we are announcing two new products and a one time special offer to help you have a great race:

- Adjustable Tungsten Round - Tungsten rounds allow the placement of the bulk of the ballast weight at the desired point. But if the round makes your car too heavy, your options are few. The adjustable round solves this issue by allowing nearly 1/2 ounce of weight flexibility. Leave the slot facing outward, then add one or two of the supplied tungsten cubes, and (optionally) tungsten putty as needed to adjust the weight.

Paint markers - Paint markers dispense an even flow of acrylic (water-based) paint. These markers are great for kids, as they virtually eliminate splatters, drips, runs, and spills.

As always, all of the our new products for the 2011-12 racing season can be found Here

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Randy Davis
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