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Wedge Turbo - Bill Odom

My grandson and I built this car from your plans and raced it earlier
this year. He finished first in his den and second overall. We had
already finished a car when I found your web site. I purchased several
of your tools, and we built a second car. I ran the first car in the
parent/sibling class and finished a close second, but noted the times
would not have placed that car in his pack. My grandson's car won 11
of the 12 heat races with one second place, which was to the eventual
overall winner. My post race inspection revealed several areas that I
can improve upon for next year's race. Thanks for all of your
information, assistance and great tools.

Black n' Yellow - Ronnie Cutler

This year we decided to stick with a slick, low profile, and just all
around cool car. Not only does it look spectacular, it performs! It
was undefeated and went on to win first overall in districts -- all
thanks to Maximum Velocity!

Speedy 86 - Rick Ellis

This year our Awana Grand Prix used your kits. This car was the
fastest in the Open Division and was the fastest overall in the Grand
Finals where the winners of all the divisions raced against each
other. It also won Best Workmanship in the Open Division.

I used weights, tools, and techniques from Maximum Velocity, and have
since 2008. Since then either my car or a car I helped build has won
the Open Division and/or the Grand Finals each year. Thanks for all
your help and for your great site.

From Pinewood Derby Times Volume 11, Issue 3. A car showcase is a regular feature of the newsletter.

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