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Starfighter - Thomas Stein

This car is called "Starfighter", and sports a Tamiya 1/100 scale
F-104 Starfighter. We used a coping saw to cut the block, and a
battery-powered high-speed rotary tool to make a channel for the plane
to rest in. It's glued in place with Gorilla Glue. We used the Pro
Body Tool, Wheel Bore Polish, Wheel Alignment Tool, and Pro-Axle Guide
to tune up the car.

Midnight - Robert Berry

This is my son, Sammy's car, which he made after testing different
shapes in a wind tunnel for his science fair (patterned after a wind
tunnel featured in a previous Pinewood Derby Times article). The car
is smooth on the bottom and mostly hollow. He took first place in the
science fair and also first place in our Pack race. Unfortunately
there was no District or Council race for him to compete in.

Mini-Turbine Cars - Joe Bilyeu

I came across some unusual cars which have mini-turbine engines. My
friend Russ and his brother, who worked for Rockwell on the Atlas
program, built and designed these cars. I took them to our pack derby
race and the boys loved them. The engines have turbine fans at the
front and rear, with solid fuel in the middle.

From Pinewood Derby Times Volume 11, Issue 5. A car showcase is a regular feature of the newsletter.

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