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Final Race

As the assistant Cubmaster for our Pack, I decided our old beat up
track needed to be improved. So I took it upon myself to build a new
one knowing that my son, a new Tiger Cub, and my nephews would benefit
from it for years. My son and I worked on his Pinewood cars,
Raingutter boats, and Space Derby rockets and never placed in any race
-- although it was fun just competing. When my son was in Webelos II,
his den had trickled down to only five boys and my son was sure this
would be his year to win a trophy. We gave out trophies for four
places; my son took 5th by .003 seconds, and was naturally

I had always used the same trophy dealer for all of our events, and
after my son's last defeat I had to go to the trophy shop to place a
different order for the scouts. I related my son's final defeat to the
owner of the shop. A week later when I went to pick up the trophies,
she had made a special "participant" trophy for my son. He is now in
High School, and competing in various sports and earning trophies.
However, the Cub Scout trophy is still one of his favorites and has a
prominent place on his shelf.

Rick Wold, Pack 457; Covina, California

From Pinewood Derby Times Volume 11, Issue 5

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