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Painting Platform

Regarding painting. We've found that salvaging the rotator motor out
of an old microwave oven makes a handy tool for a small paint booth.
The motors usually rotate about 6 RPM.

I mounted one inside a cardboard box and made a round platform that a
pinewood derby car sits on. I put a couple of washers under the car
so that the platform and car won't stick together when I spray them.

As the motor rotates it's pretty easy to get a nice even coat of
paint. It takes several rotations to get into all the nooks and
crannies, but they usually come out pretty good.

After I've applied the paint I swing a spot lamp onto the fresh paint
to help it dry a little quicker.

It's a pretty crude setup, but it works great and didn't cost a thing.

Chuck Strahm

From Pinewood Derby Times Volume 11, Issue 6

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