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Delorean - Daniel Stalzer

This car was created after my son saw "Back to the Future". He wanted
a car that was fast and would "travel through time". I made two of the
cars, one for each of my sons. The cars won creativity and speed

The only thing I did to help was painting the car, helping with tools,
and installing the wires. Unfortunately the 2nd car was destroyed
during the younger boy's play time.

Arrow - Aaron Shain and Jim White

My grandson (Aaron Shain) and I built this car for his 2012 RA (Royal
Racers) event here in Kentucky. "The Arrow", as he calls the car, has
a carbon fiber rod down the car center for extra strength. We hope it
hits a "Bull's Eye" at the races. (The hole in the side is for final
adjustment of the car weight using tungsten putty when the wheels are
changed for different races.)

From Pinewood Derby Times Volume 11, Issue 9

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