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Grandkids Reign

I have three granddaughters: one is in Kindergarten, the second is in
pre-school, and the third is only three. Recently, all three got to
compete in an Awana Grand Prix.

The day of the race, my son came over with the three girls' cars to
put the wheels on. He anticipated only about a 20-minute job, so he
brought the girls and a video for them to watch. His wife wasn't
feeling well and stayed home for a nap.

Three hours later, she woke up and called wondering where they were.
We were still working on the cars, but time was running out so weren't
able to polish the wheels or the insides of the hubs. We aligned the
cars and took them to the sign-in.

That night, the oldest girl took first in speed, and the middle one
got third. The youngest was headed for either second or third when, on
the last race, her car jumped the track. I have no idea why - it was
running well.

We came that close to having a family lock on speed at this race!

Les Aldrich
Bonner Springs, Kansas

From Pinewood Derby Times Volume 2, Issue 15

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