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A Sad Story?

Okay. I knew that the car we built was fast. I got the track and the
timer, right?

We were faster this year than the car we made last year - that won the
Pack race, District race, and came in 10th in the Council race.

We were so fast this year that we could have won the Council race
last year!

The Den Race: We won our Webelos Den race easily. We had the fastest
time overall in our Den and the other Dens. This was going to be

The Pack Race: The top 3 of each Den race it off. We won the first 2
rounds. No problem. Third time down, we are ahead. Right before the
finish line we go airborne, flip up, and smack the timer pole! Didn't
even score a time.

We lost - double elimination though.

The car was 'runable', but a piece of wood was breaking near the left
rear tire.

We lost again. It was over. Only the top 3 were advanced to the
District Race.

My son and I were very disappointed, upset, and confused. There was no
reason why the car flipped up on the smoothest, and flattest part of
the track. There was no debris. No reason why. It just happened.

But, this is not a sad story. We learned a few lessons from this:

- The fastest car doesn't always win.
- Sometimes things in life happen for no reason.
- Always expect the unexpected.

Everything was okay the morning after. We will try again next year
and keep our fingers crossed.

Barry Goff
Pikeville, KY

From Pinewood Derby Times Volume 2, Issue 13

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