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Some cars that appeal to the feminine side.

Purple Pixie - Gary Olesky

Little 4 year old Ali and adopted grandpa for the day, Gary Olesky,
took on her brother Sebastian and all the other boys at a Cubscout
pinewood derby Race. The boys were not happy losing to the purple and
pink pixie car, which turned in the fastest time of the day.

The Shoe - Jeremy Isaac

My daughter ran the shoe, which took first in both Speed and Novelty
in the Awana Cubbies division. The speed competition wasn't very stiff
this year - the car was reasonably fast, but shouldn't have won in my

Blue Flower - James White

My granddaughter (Olivia) and I built this car for her to race
against her brother. Olivia calls her car "Blue Flower".

From Pinewood Derby Times Volume 11, Issue 11

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