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Pinewood Derby Memory
Speed Prayer

We were having our Royal Rangers Pinewood Derby at Roanoke Valley
Cathedral of Praise and we held a Powder Puff race for the girls. One
girl had a car that barely made it to the end of the track the first
heat. The next time she was called to race her car she started toward
the track but then knelt down, put her hands under her chin and prayed
for just a few seconds. When she got up and started toward the track
again she dropped her car. I was standing beside the Pastor and I told
him, "That will really finish off her car now; it won't even make it to
the finish line."

The girl picked up her car and put it on the track and when the cars
were turned loose her car flew down the track beating the other three
cars easily. The whole place let out a cheer so loud you would have
thought the winning touchdown had just been scored in the Super Bowl! I
looked over at the Pastor and said, "Well God just let me know He can,
and still does answer prays fast!"

George Gobble
Roanoke, Virginia

From Pinewood Derby Times Volume 3, Issue 6

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