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Fireball - Ed Mujica

I got the idea for this car from the cartoon "Wacky Racers." Peter
Perfect drives the Turbo Terrific and it looks a little like the car I
built. I didn't race the car this year, but it still was pretty fast.
I wanted to let you know that you're a good teacher! We put these dry
transfer decals on the car and it turned out great. We like these
much more than stickers. My son was very pleased with the way the car
turned out.

Cub Cadet Lawnmower - Mike Webb

This lawnmower derby car was built for a CaseIH dealer who I used to
work for. It was used in a business race that is held during the cub
scout derby. The hood and mower deck are made of balsa wood. The
steering wheel is actually a BSA wheel that I cut the tread off and
used an axle to hold it. The seat is a small piece of scrap pine from
the car, as are the fenders. The hood has a small hinge on the
front of it from the hardware store and the motor was from a derby
accessory kit that I had. The logos were made from ink jet decals.
It weighs exactly 5 ounces. The mower actually took 2nd place in the
races and was very popular because of the unusual design.

1960 Indy Car - Doug Henthorn

This was the last car my son Cole built for his pinewood derby. It is
modeled after the 1960's Indy cars. Brass screen was used for the
grille, and a stainless steel rod was used for the roll bar. The car
placed first in the Webelos and was the fastest car overall. It also
won "Best of Show" for the pack.

From Pinewood Derby Times Volume 11, Issue 14

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